The Stech Group was initiated with the small idea of doing something better for people, helping them to improve their lifestyles. The entire idea of expanding the business in the different sectors came along to provide affordable and reliable service to the community. Let’s see how it started in the beginning. The Stech Group started with human resource management. It includes manpower sourcing and delivery to the respective employers outside of Bangladesh. Stech HR and JG Al-Falah, both entities work for providing human resource management services. After that, we started auto brick production factories in order to bring sustainability to the environment. The Stech Group is also planning to enter the RMG industry in order to improve the current environment and bring this industry to a whole new level. Stech Group is a renowned business conglomerate with interests in a variety of industries. Some of these industries include HR management, agro-fisheries, auto bricks, trading (export and import services), education consultancy in international institutions, tours, travel, and many more. Blockchain Technology is another concern of Stech Group which provides IT services globally. We have the most experienced IT specialists and skilled digital marketing experts who can take your business into a profit-making machine. The group has entered into these businesses intending to help small and medium businesses to grow and provide employment opportunities to the people of Bangladesh. The Stech Group is a 100% Bangladeshi-owned and operated company. Moreover, in near future, Stech Group will establish a social welfare organization named Stech Foundation, where underprivileged people will get the required assistance. We have good intentions to provide support and assistance in any disastrous situation.

Chairman’s Message

Stech Group is one of the most growing groups of companies in Bangladesh and we want to keep it that way. Our goal is to do something great for the nation globally. Keeping that in our mind, we are moving forward with the latest technology and implementing them on our sister's concerns.


Md Sohel Rana


Stech Group was created with the hope of many dreams coming together. We are passionate about the opportunity we have to be independent in all aspects of a sustainable environment. Our divisions were built in order to use our resources more effectively and avoid the need for subcontracting. This saves time when it comes to servicing. We're moving quickly and taking a keen interest in what our consumers want and need. We designed Stech Group to be consumer-focused from the get-go. We're expanding our operations and growing our workforce because we're committed to providing a one-stop solution for the heavy industrial market. The changes we see in our company underscore our commitment to this goal and demonstrate our progress. We are a practical organization that provides a wide range of services. We have planned and executed our projects well, and we continue to improve our services. Thanks to our new partners and our dedication to quality work, we are expanding and will continue to do so.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Stech Group is moving forward to become the top provider of industrial products and services with highly satisfied customers globally and regionally. We provide the highest quality and most efficient solutions for all industrial needs. Our One-Stop solution is the best way to meet all your industrial needs.

To be recognized as the symbol of excellence wherever we provide service or deliver our products globally. Lead any industry we enter and standardize it for the best output by implementing new technology and strategic planning without losing it for anything.


To deliver the final product or service with the best quality that will sustain for the long-term and move forward with creative ideas and implementation. Making an ecosystem for both service takers and providers to keep both of them respected and promote the good globally

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